Cast 2010

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Here is the cast list for the show!!!

Character Name:         Actual Name:

Michael Nelson         Colin Dexter                       

Amanda Jones           Serenity Sanders      
Carlyle Deforest       Wolfie Brockman
Katrina Travis         Claire Redecki
Jenny Evans            Kaithlyn Donihue
Mary McCoy             Samantha Hunt
Sara Parker            Calli Nichols
Becca Albright         Bethany Donihue
Orphans                Amber Donihue, Tiffany Donihue
                       Zaylend Lyons, Kyra Lyons,
                       Devin Dexter
Ms. (Linda) Green      Kija Lyons
Mr. (Charles) Nelson   David Cornwell
Mrs. (Cathy) Nelson    Debra Sanders
Phil Smithson          Vern Wooden
Frannie Overboard      Vickie Hill
Pastor Daniel          Stephen Murphy

Orphanage Board Members (unnamed)

#1 - Ken Schluckebier
#2 - Jeremiah Weaver
#3 - Jeff Dexter
#4 - Beth Masters

Choir Members

Ken Schluckebier, Jeremiah Weaver, Margie Pelkey,
Regina Bynum,Mica Lyons